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Do you ever find yourself lacking the motivation to study? Have you ever sat down at your desk, only to stare out the window thinking of all the exciting things you could be doing instead of studying? Or perhaps your stress levels are at an all time high and you seem to have lost your passion for learning? Most likely, you have responded ‘yes’ to at least one of the above questions. If you are anything like me, you might even find that at some point in time, you have experienced all of the above. Whether you are looking for a way to boost your motivation, are sick of repetitive and boring study sessions or need to reignite that spark within yourself, what I am about to share with you is the perfect, easy and fun solution to your problems!

After years of putting unnecessary pressure on myself to maintain a perfect average at school and university, I realized that the most important ingredient for academic success is enjoyment! If you enjoy what you are learning and keep a positive mindset then the benefits will shine through in every area of your life and help you get those great grades! Imagine if every time you sat down to study you were actually excited? That with every skill you acquired, with every topic you conquered and every assignment you completed, you felt confident?

We spend majority of our time either at school or completing homework, so it’s time to take a stand and make some necessary changes! Gone are the days of boring study sessions! Instead, I invite you all to join me in throwing a study party! Besides, who said throwing a party should be reserved for birthdays and special occasions? I certainly disagree!

To throw the ideal study party, here is what you will need:

  • Your best study buddies
  • A distraction free zone (your bedroom, lounge room or even outdoors if weather permits)
  • Your favourite party snacks (popcorn is a must at my study parties!)
  • Decorations (streamers, party hats, balloons, confetti etc.)
  • Your textbooks, class notes, pens and pencils
  • Positive vibes
  • An open mind!

Now that you are all set up and your friends have arrived, it’s time to get your study on! Start by taking turns explaining different topics you need to revise and see whether there are any gaps in your notes that could be filled in. Once you all have a grasp on the topics, it can be a great idea to organize some different games to help you learn the information and prepare you for your class test or exam. This is when it’s time to get creative! I like to put my own personal spin on typical party games. Here are a few different games you might like to play with your friends:

1.Treasure hunt

Create a bunch of flashcards and have one of your friends hide them around the room. Read each one as you find them. Whoever finds the most is the winner!


Write down a list of topics, definitions or theories on some cut up pieces of paper. Fold them in half and place them in a hat. Then, take turns to draw from the hat and act out the word to your friends. The team with the most number of correct answers at the end of each round is the winning team!

3.The chocolate game (my personal favourite!)

Place a block of chocolate in the middle of the circle with a plastic fork and knife. Have each person write down at least 5 questions on different pieces of paper and place them in a bowl in the middle of the circle. Take turns picking a question to answer. Once a question in answered correctly, the person can use the knife and fork to cut the chocolate and eat as much they can until the next person answers a question correctly. You have to act fast if you want to get that chocolate!

So next time you reach for your textbook, remember to also reach for your party hat and invite your friends over for a study party!

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by p.gayathri                                                                                       if you like please follow us

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hi friends today i am with a different topic  how to get A+  study is most important thing even though mark  doesn’t  make your life perfect but also it is important to achieve something easily so let me get into it…….

  • checking  5 times or more will not make you to score more marks

checking is good but checking once or twice is good checking more times will make you to feel even right options  as wrong options so be wise while checking paper .

  • mark/highlight important words

marking important points in question paper helps you lot more it makes the person who correct it easier to understand

  • working more in maths

maths is subject which you have to work more. so that even though in you final answer is wrong you will get points for the working which you have done. work moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • presentation

presentation is must for every subject so underline important points draw line after every question and draw margin.

so don’t forget the tips which i have shared i will  meet you in next blog with a different topic bye.



BACK TO SCHOOL diy’s and hacks

Finally summer holidays over and school has been opened so i am going to teach u guys some craft diy’s which is really awesome

do it yourself diy

  • diy pencil

 to make this amazing pencils we need some tape by using this tape rolling around the pencil we get awesome color tape pencil.

  • diy notebooks

to make this super cute personalized notebooks we need some gift wrapping paper measure the size of the book accordingly cut the wrapping paper stick it on the front  side of the notebook  and cut or bend off the excess now super cute notebooks are ready to use.

hacks for school

  • clean your closet

be organized is really important so arrange your closet for school give your old clothes to orphanage and keep your closet simple by not duping your clothes.

  • organized study space/table

i suggest  study table the most than bed because while you are on bed you think of  sleepping  not studying so while you are on a table you concentrate and organizing is most important part if your table has all stuff then you will be distracted so organize your study space.

soooooo bye friends i will meet soon in next blog bye 

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How to spend summer?????

Hi friends,

Summer has finally arrived after a heavy academic year . It’s time for enjoyment.As this summer has more effect than the previous summers. Take care of your health, “Drink plenty of water”.

Preplan your summer holidays

  • If you are in a hot place spend your holidays in hill stations,a best example is to spend in ooty,kodaikanal,etc.
  • Ooty served as the summer capital of the madras presidency . Ooty is situated in nilgiri biosphere reserve.

Places to visit in Ooty

  1. Gardens and parks.
  2. Lakes and dams
  3. Reserve forest.
  4. Tribal huts and museum
  5. Boating.
  6. Historical buildings
  • Kodaikanal has a monsoon influenced subtropical highland climate.

Places to visit in Kodaikanal

  1. Kodaikanal lake
  2. coaker’s walk
  3. village view
  4. kodaikanal solar observatory
  5. pillar rocks
  6. Dolphin nose
  • Visit theme parks such as
  1. Kishkinta
  2. Dash n plash
  3. M.G.M
  4. E.V.P
  5. Queens land
  6. Dakshin chitra

Summer healthy tips

  1. to eat fruits and salads
  2. to drink fresh juice
  3. Apply suns cream
  4. Exercise regime

Take up a new hobby to spend the holidays in a useful manner.

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Earth day is celebrated on April 22nd every year.It was first celebrated on 22nd April 1970 and it became world wide in the year 1990. It was celebrated for, How to treat our environment. In this auspicous day  I promise that I will plant more saplings and let them grow. And this is the time to stop using plastic bags and wasting water . Let us  practice  together for “GO  GREEN environment.

  1.                                                                                                                                               L.MITHUN




One day, not too far from now, we’re going to the greatest unemployment crisis in human history.  Whether that will be good or bad depends entirely on how we prepare for.It may sound nice at first – perhaps even utopian – but the implications are more frightening than you might think.This topic popped up when we looked at jobs that robots should take over, including many occupations that involve sales, data research, and transportation Imagine it’s a century from now and our continuous progress in artificial intelligence has resulted in robots with human-level intellectual capabilities.  In this hypothetical, robots can equal humans in all intellectual, mathematical, engineering, and creative pursuits.It’s hard to summarize this kind of speculative discussion because there are so many possibilities that are just too far in the future, but here’s the gist of it: while machines aren’t the cause of modern economic woes, they will have a profound effect within the next century, and we need to be prepared for it.

This may result in a net loss of 5.1 millions of jobs in next five years